Next Prize Drawing Deadline Date: Next prize drawing will be early spring as we are working with new partners to put up anpther great prize.  Any entries below will be eligible to win those prizes.

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Here is what we gave away in February:

The Grand Prize

Game Golf ImageGame Golf Shot Tracking System (MSRP $199.99) 

One of the hottest golf products on the market today. The Game Golf System will allow you to learn more about your golf game and lower your scores.  GAME GOLF consists of a small, lightweight device worn on the player’s belt and individual sensor tags that attach to the top of the grip on each club.  By simply tapping the GAME GOLF sensor tag to the device worn on the waist, the GAME GOLF device automatically records the course, location on the hole, club used, club distance, and accuracy.  

PackagingUse GAME GOLF to:

  • Know the exact distances you hit each club and identify yardage gaps.
  • See your shot tendencies off the tee & on your approach to the green by yardage, club & accuracy
  • Understand your strengths & weaknesses and start saving shots - Fairway Accuracy, Greens in Regulation, Scrambling Percentages. Number of Putts.
  • Connect your game & share your rounds with friends, family, coaches and golf friends around the world through Email & Social Media.

Visit Game Golf to learn more.


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