This information is designed to help you become familiar with our review process and to help you review your pro consistently with the way others have already reviewed theirs;

Overall Rating

The scores of 4 categories are used to determine the overall rating the pro receives (Game Improvement, Communication Clarity, Value for the Money and Recommendation Ratings).  The recommendation rating receives the most weight in the calculation. The Ease of Schedule ratings and other information gathered are not included in the Overall Rating calculation.  Overall ratings are categorized as follows.  These categories will be searchable in the future:

Great:  4.0-5.0

Good:  3.0-3.9

Fair:     2.0-2.9

Poor:   1.0-1.9


Game Improvement

Did working with this golf pro help improve your game?  Did his teaching when combined with your doing the work he/she suggested result in your game improving?  Please recognize that you should factor in the effort you were willing to put forth after the lesson(s) to improve.

5 = Massive Improvement

1 = No Improvement at All


How well does the pro communicate your improvement areas and the drills and techniques necessary to improve?  In short, how well does the pro teach golf? Were you able to understand what he/she was asking you to do and what follow up you should be doing in between lessons?

5 = Crystal Clear Communication

1 = Very Confusing

Value for the Money

Think about how far your dollars go in working with this Pro.  This is not just how much game improvement you see for the dollar spent.  Do you get other added benefits like free range balls and other practice opportunities simply because you are a customer? Does the pro go over the time allotment if you are at a critical point at the end of a lesson?

5 = Incredible Value

1 = Worst Value Ever

Would You Recommend This Pro

The ultimate satisfaction question.  Would you recommend this pro to your friends, let alone your fellow golfers on our site? This category has the highest degree of influence in the Overall rating.

5 = Definitely would recommend this Pro

1 = Would NEVER recommend this Pro

Ease of Scheduling a Lesson

How easy was it to get on the Pro’s teaching schedule?  Did he always make his/her appointments?  Was he/she flexible if you had to reschedule with reasonable notice?  This category is not factored into the Overall Rating

5 = Incredibly easy

1 = Very difficult

Likes/Dislikes and other comments

Use this section to elaborate on your experience with the golf pro.  You can talk about teaching and communication style, particular aspects of the game the pro may be better or worse at teaching.  Golfers are also very interested in the use of technology, particularly what technologies are available with the pro and which were used in your lessons.  Remember please keep it clean and always honest and objective.

We reserve the right to make any changes to the Ratings Categories and scoring in our sole discretion.